Our project aims to be a platform for young authors and make Albanian literature accessible in German and English.

Our Philosophy

Eagle Books aims to employ creative media and thorough translations in English in German in order to make Albanian literature, history and culture accessible to Albanians in the diaspora. Upon translating Albanian works in English and German, translated copies will be made available in our online bookstore.

Our hope is that generations of Albanians across the globe will finally be one click away from learning about their roots, history, and literature without the presence of language barriers that often make it difficult to do so. Eagle Books aspires to not only build a new database of translated Albanian literary works for individuals who would like to immerse themselves in Albanian history and culture, but to become a platform for young and rising Albanian authors whose fresh perspectives and talent are vital in the preservation and continuity of Albanian literature. In this way, young people get to know their literature better and improve their knowledge of English, which helps them integrate in the United States of America.

The offer

The offer is to be designed thereby variously. This pioneering work can help rediscover many unknown and captivating stories from the Balkan region. Beginning in antiquity, to the uprisings against the Ottoman Empire to the Rilindja (National Revival), followed by the communist repression and the beginning of the modern era. Contemporary literature, which deals with current issues such as migration, identity, and belonging, also represents an important section at “Eagle Books.”


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